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HIV Rapid Test

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[Bio Focus Co., Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

BioTracer™ HIV 1/2 Rapid Test is an immunochromatography based one-step in vitro diagnostics test for the qualitative determination of antibodies against HIV 1/2 in serum, plasma or whole blood.

General Information

  Immunochromatography based one-step in vitro diagnostics test
  No instruments needed
  Applied highly purified HIV recombinant proteins : p24 ,gp41 and gp36
  Detect HIV type1 and type2 with separate test lines at one time
  Sensitivity : 99.9% , Specificity : 99.2%
  Specimen : Serum , Plasma or Whole Blood

Reading Time : 5 ~20 min


Feature Comparison Auto Immuno-analyzer ELISA BioTracer™ HIV1/2 Rapid Test
 Cost High High Low
 >99% Sensitivity and Specificity Yes Yes Yes
 Easy Test Procedure No No Yes
 Fast Results No No



Cat. No.

Product Type Pack Size Specimen Shelf Life
11112 HIV Card 30T/Kit Serum/Plasma/Whole blood 18 M
11135 HIV Multi 10T×10/Kit Serum/Plasma/Whole blood 18 M
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